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Summer savings! FREE shipping on all bird netting! No coupon required.
Summer savings! FREE shipping on all bird netting! No coupon required.

Table Grape Trellising

Benefits Of 

The Small Table Grape Gable Trellis

  • Open gable allows for more even light distribution, resulting in better quality and consistent grape growth

  • Allows for better airflow throughout the vineyard, which helps to reduce rot and disease

  • Foot plates, which are manufactured in-house, can be added to prevent sinking and help with heavy crop loads which adds lateral stability

  • Ability to customize gable size and design for specific varieties due to on-site production plant

  • Customization allows for the addition or relocation of any additional wires needed to support the vineyard throughout the life of the plant

  • Available in both hot rolled and galvanized finishes

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Customized Solutions

Together, we can strategize and create a

trellising system tailored to your crop's specific needs.

What's So Great About
In-House Manufacturing? 

Our unique manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize trellising materials according to each client’s needs. We’ve worked with hundreds of custom requests from growers. These requests have included everything from varying lengths and hole patterns to specific notches and hot-rolled or galvanized finishes. In addition, our research and development team is continuously developing prototypes for up-and-coming products, all designed to benefit the growing process. Contact us today!

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